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What Do Clients Have To Say?


Two years ago, I injured my leg while skiing. I, of course, started down the hill, facing forward the skis got hooked in the snow, got turned around, and started sliding backwards. And then near the bottom of the hill, ended in a big tumble.

Well, my ankle blew up like a balloon, so did I do something right away. No.

After a few recommendations by my family doctor to see Dave, I instead went to see a chiropractor, then a massage therapist and then a physiotherapist.

Finally, still in pain and at this point being depressed and in constant pain, I made an appointment with Dave.

Today, after only 7 sessions, I consider myself living without pain. Thank you, Dave!!



"Dave the Miracle Worker!"

My son, Nicholas, injured his back and hip by being double bounced on a trampoline. We thought the injury had resolved itself for the most part, yet he still had discomfort in his lower back in the mornings. Eventually, however, the discomfort changed in to pain and we began seeking treatment. We tried chiropractic, physio, and massage therapies and spent thousands of dollars over the next year and a half. Finally we were referred to Dave for his specialized type of treatment and within three treatments we were seeing results. Within approximately 10 treatments he was healed!

Before seeing Dave, Nicholas was in excruciating pain. He could not sleep in his bed but spent his nights in the lazy boy chair. At the time, Nicholas was committed to productions at the Kelowna Actor's Studio and pushed through the pain for the show but then could not get out of his "chair bed" until close to noon because of the pain. He was 12 years old and as a result of this intense pain, he could not go to school and was falling behind. No child of that age should have the back pain that he had. We didn't know what to do and then we went to Dave. He is Nicholas' miracle worker! Nicholas now leads a normal healthy life free from pain. We cannot thank you enough, Dave!!!!



... I highly recommend Mr. Hanshall, whose neuromuscular massage treatments have aided in alleviation of neck and jaw spasticity in those patients whom I have referred to him . . .

- Dr Norman R Thomas

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. . . Dave Henshall's treatments work, I have first hand proof. I wish that I had found him earlier. . .
- Debbie Harrington

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