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Dave was a paramedic for a number of years before he decided to pursue his interest in advanced anatomical and physiological therapy. He graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Grant MacEwan College in 1989. He successfully built and managed a chain of 5 businesses including 1 spa in Alberta.  In 1993 he was asked to join the Massage Therapy School at Grant MacEwan College as a teacher. Dave taught for 3 years and eventually moving on to teaching internationally and part time for a private institution.  To this day past students track him down looking for advice on a client they are working on in their own practice.


Dave wasn’t happy with basic massage therapy, he was frustrated because it did not relieve the chronic pain many of his clients had sustained in auto, industrial and personal injuries. In 2005 he decided to further his education and training in pain management therapy and went on to study Neuromuscular Therapy at St. Paul, John Samuelson, and Medical Research center Puerto Rico. Here he received the knowledge and techniques to carry back to his own practice in Canada. Things changed dramatically after that, he began to see results with in 3 treatments.  Patients were regaining their healthy lifestyle, leaving the pain behind and many were able to stop taking their prescription pain mediation for good. Dave’s success is well respected in the field and has developed a close relationship with Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists in Alberta as well as BC.  


In 2009 Dave moved to BC and started his practice in Kelowna. He once again built a thriving business and sees a variety of clients ranging from students and athletes to well-known musicians and actors. He continually invents and incorporates new advancements into his treatments to continually grow his success in healing and reliving pain in his clients.


The combination of Dave’s experience in the medical field, education of anatomy and physiology through schooling and hands on training through his therapy practices has provided him the knowledge and understanding of what the body sustains through injury and the solutions to rehabilitate. Dave believes “ This is what makes him successful in helping all of his clients fully recover and restore the healthy, pain-free lifestyle they deserve”.